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Things you didn’t know Canva could do!
Did you know that in Canva you can Record a presentation Use Artificail Intelligence to create the perfect image using Text to Image Design documents supercharged with videos, images, graphics,
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View Grades and Submissions for ‘Concluded’ Students in Canvas(Repost from January 2021)
This post is for teachers who do not “see” some of their students in Canvas because those students’ enrollments have ‘concluded’. Enrollments are concluded, for example, as students move from
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Navigating Professional Development with Canvas Catalog
Need to know how to enroll in a course? Want to remember what courses you took in previous years? Want a record of PD for yourself? View the PCCS Canvas Catalog
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Preparing your Canvas Pages for the Second Semester
Especially for those that have a first semester or Quarter 2 Canvas course ending soon, here are some Canvas considerations: For high school Semester 1 / Q2 courses, Teachers will have
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Useful Sites
Another random handful of web resources that might be of interest
ChartR offers visual stories told by charts either on their site or sent to your inbox via newsletter (subscribe for free).  Just one newsletter story chart is linked below. —–
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Reminder: Students must now Install Grammarly
What is Grammarly?  Grammarly is a Chrome browser extension that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes in English texts. It detects plagiarism and suggests replacements for the
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