Action Required: MiStar Configure

Middle and high School teachers, please ensure that your MiStar Gradebook setup is complete. If just one of a child’s teachers has not completed this step, students and families will not be able to view assignments in MiStar.

Go to the grade book and locate the Configurations area. Make sure you don’t see red Xs or yield signs in the first three columns. If you do, go to the specific area to see what is missing in set up.

Locations for MiStar set up

For more information about using MiStar, see this training guide.

Seesaw Library Access and other January Newsletter Highlights

Seesaw January News

From Seesaw’s most recent newsletter….All Seesaw for Schools users (lower elementary/Early Childhood teachers) now have FULL ACCESS to the Seesaw Library (formerly known as the Lessons Library). Moreover, this collection has expanded to include foundational content in Spanish.

Leverage Seesaw’s multimodal tools to support English Language Learners (ELLs), bilingual programs, and students learning Spanish.

A bit more about Seesaw’s Spanish lessons:

  • They include all parts of the lesson in Spanish, including demos, videos, activities, and lesson plans.
  • Spanish lessons are transadapted by native Spanish speakers to prioritize cultural relevance.

Martin Luther King

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

This year, we’re celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on January 16. We’ve curated lessons to help your teachers engage students in conversations about Dr. King. EXPLORE LESSONS HERE

Office Hours

Office Hours

Do your teachers have any Seesaw related questions? They are invited to come to our office hours! An expert from our team will be available to answer their questions. Feel free to share this link with your teachers so they can sign up for office hours.

Do you use the Pin to Top feature in Seesaw? @MrsKannekens shares a list of different things you might want to Pin to the Top of your Seesaw feed. Click here to learn more.

Letter Tile Activity

Coding AppSmash
Pin To Teacher Tip
Seesaw Product Updates page can be found HERE

Remain vigilant against online scams and phishing attempts

Just a little reminder, ’tis the season for on-line shopping…which also means ’tis the season for on-line scams.

Remember – Stay Vigilant:

1. If it looks too good to be true…it probably is.

2. Never type in your email address and password (or any other information) unless you are 100% sure it’s ok. If in doubt, stop, and ask questions.

3. Be careful downloading applications that promise awesome savings/gift cards or other such silly stuff…..(see #1).

4. Amazon doesn’t give away $500 gift cards just because they like you, or for filling out a survey (same with Walmart… see #1 ).

5. If there is ANY doubt in your head……submit a tech service ticket. We’d much rather spend 30 seconds answering your ticket than reimaging your laptop and seeing you upset and/or taken advantage of.

6. Don’t click on FedEx / UPS / USPS links in emails that come out of the blue …..  and if you do follow a link…remember # 2
(FedEx / UPS don’t need your Credit Card number or your Social Security number to verify your identity and shipping address.
Some of the emails the scammers send are *pretty* convincing, and they make them seem urgent, so pay attention and be EXTRA aware when dealing with any email about packages).

7. READ and LOOK at emails before you do anything…is the grammar just a little “off” ? Is the graphic kind of cheesy looking ? Who is the email from (does the address match who the person says they are)?

8. Some of the scammers have started setting up web sites that look very real / legit…but they are selling items at 1/4 the going rate…… do some shopping…is anyone else in the world selling the item that cheap ?….(see #1 )

9. Microsoft (or other computer companies) will NOT call you if your computer is having issues. They also do not have random Internet pages pop up telling you that your computer needs work.

10. If you have even the slightest doubt…. you can always just copy the text of the email into a google search. If it’s a scam, you’ll usually get lots of hits.

Happy holidays. Let’s be careful out there.

Beware of Phishing

BrainPop’s December Teacher’s Lounge

BrainPop Dec Lounge

Highlights in the BrainPop’s December Teacher’s Lounge

  • Kick off Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code on December 5 with movies and learning activities–including coding projects–to inspire students in these essential 21st-century skills.
  • Calling all teachers! Learn ways to integrate Hour of Code into your instructional plans — no coding experience required! Join us for BrainPOP Connect on December 5 for free, live virtual programming to kick off CSEdWeek.
  • Explore wintry topics to help teach your students how different creatures (including humans!) adapt and celebrate the change in season.
  • Live Brainpop

screenshot BP

BP Dec

Highlights from the November Google for Education newsletter

Google for Edu November 2022

Check out Google for Edu’s latest monthly newsletter HERE. Some highlights are noted below.


National Disability Awareness Month
October is National Disability Awareness Month, a time for us to highlight helpful innovation for and with people with disabilities. We’re highlighting updates to features that are built into ChromeOS and Workspace to help students learn in the way that works for them, and helpful apps and extensions from Texthelp and SnapType.

More accessible

Give Thanks with Applied Digital Skills
Teachers – celebrate Thanksgiving with the Applied Digital Skills lesson Show Appreciation with Google Slides. In this lesson, students express appreciation for someone by creating a digital card using Google Slides.

Give Thanks

Arts & Culture: South African Creativity
“I Am Because You Are” is a celebration of South African creativity, community and craft. Learn about customs and rituals, take virtual tours of museums, discover early art and explore decorative crafts.

I am because you are

Learn with Google Arts & Culture
The learning pages on Google Arts & Culture have had a refresh, with new content, menus for each subject page and a new lesson plans / resources page. For inspiration and some cool, expert content check out Learn with GA&C now.

Arts and Culture

Looking for past issues of the Google for Education newsletter? Find them below, and sign up to hear from Google for Education.