P-CCS Tech Status The Clever portal is now working for all users
2023-09-13 13:09:12

The Clever Portal is now working and all users should be able to login to Clever. If someone is still experiencing login issues, please reach out to Clever Support at support.clever.com

P-CCS Tech Status The Clever portal is presently down
2023-09-13 08:29:11

The Clever Portal is experiencing downtime for all users. Clever engineers are currently investigating the issue and working on restoration.

For more see their status page at https://status.clever.com/

P-CCS Tech Status Sunday, July 23, 2022 is the next scheduled quarterly maintenance window day for WR // MISTAR, SMART and other services may be intermittently unavailable through the 8 hour window
2023-07-12 07:56:32

In order to apply timely security patches and perform necessary infrastructure upgrades, the Wayne RESA networking/server team sets aside an eight hour work window one Sunday each quarter.

School district staff should be prepared for the complete outage of all data services on this quarter’s Sunday maintenance window, July 23, 2022 between 8 AM and 4 PM. In all likelihood, outages will be minimal and sporadic during the maintenance window as Wayne RESA staff always work to minimize service disruptions whenever possible. There will be no internet service in the district for a few hours in the morning. However, staff should be prepared for up to eight hours of outage.

Please note their next scheduled maintenance day / planned outage will be Sunday, November 19, 2023.

As a reminder, the following are their planned quarterly maintenance days going forward:

2023 2024 2025 2026

1/21 1/26 1/25

4/21 4/13 4/19

7/23 7/21 7/20 7/19

11/19 11/17 11/16 11/15

P-CCS Tech Status Saturday, July 15th, from 7 AM until approximately 5 PM Wayne RESA service outage for all services
2023-07-10 08:01:45

Wayne RESA will be conducting disaster recovery systems testing on Saturday, July 15th, from 7 AM until approximately 5 PM, with the possibility of extending into Sunday, July 16th. This annual testing is critical to ensure that Wayne RESA will be able to provide our district and other districts with full IT services should a disaster-level event happen.

You should expect all Wayne RESA IT services/systems to be unavailable during this test. This includes MISTAR, Polyplot, Illuminate DNA, and SMART. There will also be intermittent outages of internet service within the districtduring this time period.

P-CCS Tech Status everyone's Schooldude account info has been compromised - change password(s) asap
2023-05-11 05:15:56

The technology department has confirmed that an email notice (shown further below) about a data breach is legitimate. An unauthorized actor obtained certain account information from the SchoolDude user database, including our district’s user database.

For those with SchoolDude accounts, please note the following:

1) Your SchoolDude user account password has been reset. (What has been compromised is not the password “schooldude” that is used at the end to submit a ticket – instead it’s your actual login password.) You will therefore need to change your password in order to log into SchoolDude. To do so, please visit https://login.myschoolbuilding.com/ and click on “Forgot Password?” to send a password reset link to your email account. (see http://links.pccsk12.com/schooldudepasswordreset if you desire visual guidance)

2) If you are currently using your SchoolDude password for any other online account, change your password on those other accounts. Consider that password "burned" and never use it again.

Everyone, please note the following:

3) Always remember to use a strong and unique password for each online account you maintain. (Please see this helpful brief checklist on passwords https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/password-checklist.)

4) Remember with all email and text messages, you should be vigilant against potential phishing and other scams: if you see a suspicious message, don’t respond to the sender or click on any link it contains.

P-CCS Tech Status FYI, MISTAR-Q Communication - Mobile Apps and Q-Wiki are DOWN
2023-05-10 07:52:09

UPDATE: As of 12:45 EST, the power has been restored at the Aequitas office. All Q-Wiki, Mobile Apps, Helpdesk etc. are again up and running.


Aequitas, the MISTAR-Q vendor, suffered a power outage yesterday which has had an impact on some of the MISTAR-Q applications.

Currently, users are not able to get into the Q-Mobile applications, including the ParentConnection and StudentConnection apps. In addition, the Q-Wiki (aka Help → Help) is down during this time.

The web versions of ParentConnection/StudentConnection are still fully functioning.

Aequitas is actively working to restore access to these applications.

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