MISTAR landing page is changing

new MISTAR landing page

On Monday, April 19th, the district’s landing page for MISTAR-Q will be updated. WayneRESA staff are also working on a mobile version which will direct to mobile apps, to be installed at a later date.

The current landing page that has been around for quite a while looks like this:
Old landing page
The new landing Page looks like this:
new MISTAR landing page

MISTAR-Q Announcement: New Login Screen Coming Soon

New MISTAR logo

For all staff who use MISTAR-Q you will soon see a new login screen with an updated styling and logo. NOTE: A user’s credentials WILL NOT CHANGE with the new login screen. 

New login screen with District Announcement sample.

New MISTAR logo

Once a user logs in, there are more selections if more than one track is available to the staff:

Track selection

The user can select the radio button of Current Year tracks or All tracks.  This is a very helpful feature for those staff, like secretaries and counselors, who have tracks open in both the current and next year.