Mistar Q

The latest release of our student information system (SIS) MISTAR includes the following updates:

  1. Main Page Enrollment Widget: With this release, the procedure that is used to build the Main Page Enrollment Widget has been updated to include a count for ‘Other’ for students who are neither ‘M’ nor ‘F’. The new field is now visible in the Widget Editor.


  1. In Student Profile, when the phone icon in the banner is clicked (1) and ‘Show Student Contacts’ detail is displayed:
  • The Contact PIN now displays in the detail shown (2)
  • It is now possible to choose to also include email addresses for the Student, Counselor, or Advisor when clicking an email link for a Contact. This setting will be remembered when navigating from one student to another (3).



  1. The Student Pronoun field was added to the Roster tab–If a student has pronouns added to MISTAR they will appear in the student pronoun field in the Roster Tab.
  2. Mass Email will now check and warn if the user is attaching a file too large to upload.  



  1. Parents and Guardians can now retrieve their PIN and reset their Password from the login page of Parent Connection:


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