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REMC Power Up

New Classroom Resource: Power Up Teaching and Learning

The REMC Association is excited to introduce a new educator resource: Power Up Teaching and LearningPower Up Teaching and Learning is created to help professionals “power up” their common teaching practices using educational technology and includes guiding questions, learning activities, ideas and resources.


REMC student centered learning

REMC to bring blended, self-paced, mastery-based learning experiences to your classroom with Student-Centered Learning Across Michigan

Do you want to meet the needs of EVERY student in your classroom while making it manageable for you? The REMC Association is partnering with the Modern Classrooms Project to bring you the Student-Centered Learning Across Michigan (SLAM) project. This project will support teachers, in any subject area, grade level or school, as they implement three core, research-based practices that have been proven to impact student and teacher outcomes.


Reminder to be vigilant when online


As some of you may be aware, the Los Angeles Unified School district was recently the victim of a cyber security attack which left several of their systems unusable for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident in the education sector. The FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have been issuing warnings that several ransomware organizations are specifically targeting the educational sector due to the vast amount of personally identifiable information (PII) available in the EDU space and the fact that the EDU space typically is the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ in the cyber world. Indeed, in 2021, U.S. schools lost $3.56 billion to ransomware attacks, and saw two educational institutions “shut down for good,” said Aaron Sandeen, CEO at Cyber Security Works (CSW).

While the Technology department does our best to reduce our “attack surface” and mitigate against attacks, it is also imperative that staff remain vigilant. Cyber criminals will attempt to compromise staff credentials to get “a foot in the door”. The most common method of obtaining credentials is through phishing attacks. As a reminder, phishing is when a malicious actor attempts to trick you, the user, to divulge personal information, such as passwords or financial information. Unfortunately phishing campaigns are becoming more and more convincing as time goes on. Malicious actors are becoming quite efficient at perfectly replicating emails to look like they are coming from legitimate sources such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, etc.

Pictured below are some tips to identify phishing emails. Feel free to save or even print and hang it in your room/office as a daily reminder for you and our students on how to stay vigilant against someone out to take advantage of you:


Another method malicious actors use is pop-up messages while you are browsing the web. They will typically tell you that your computer is compromised and that you NEED to contact them for remediation. Please remember that NOBODY – not P-CCS Technology, Microsoft, Apple, etc. will ever display a pop-up on your computer asking for you to contact them. These are ALWAYS a scam. Here is an example of such a scam:


If you believe you have been the victim of a phishing attack, please submit a service ticket as soon as possible. We will not pass judgment as everybody makes mistakes. Our priority is to safeguard student/staff data and secure district resources such as the impacted technology equipment. Without knowledge, we cannot take the necessary steps to protect student and staff data from being exfiltrated and sold on the dark web. 

As stated previously, we are continuously monitoring for malicious behavior and working towards improving our cyber security posture. If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a service ticket. And remember: Think before you click.

Below are some additional resources to help protect yourself from cyber criminals:

PayPal – Learn About Fake Messages

CISA – 4 steps for online safety – Prepare yourself for cybersecurity attacks

Thank you for doing your part,

P-CCS Technology Department


Help Close the Digital Divide – please let families know about the Affordable Connectivity Program


The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) was established by Congress to help lower-income families afford reliable, high-speed internet. It’s part of the Federal Communications Commission’s mission to ensure that all people, regardless of their income, can access the internet services and computer technology that are essential to our modern world.

The ACP used to be a temporary program called the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). In 2022, Congress made it permanent and renamed it the Affordable Connectivity Program. It provides eligible households with a discount on internet services and devices.

Please consider sharing with families at your school so they can learn more and apply if interested. (Anyone who’s eligible for free and reduced-price lunch qualifies.)

A random handful of websites that might be helpful

Useful Sites

In no particular order, here is another smattering of websites that instructional staff might find have a use case…

If you want to add a little pizazz to your QR codes, simply check out this site, use the Web App, and upload a photo! Four+ artsy styles to choose from.

QR Code

Help Students Visualize Concepts and Content with Icons
Icons are more than just simple graphics. They help us understand things about the world around us, but without words. Think of common warning and caution signs. Our brains can decipher these symbols in a more meaningful way. The Noun Project just released some awesome FREE teacher templates….as well as helpful collections. Free accounts can download high quality transparent PNGs with attribution.

You can mostly find this information with a quick Google search, but this is a fun site to bookmark. It gives you the exact time wherever you are in the world. You can also see and search for world cities.
Toy Theater

Useful websites

Zoom resources

Zoom Teaching Tools

For those using Zoom, you might want to check out some of their curated resources for ideas and more.

Their Zoom Teaching Tools site reviews a series of Zoom tools combined with pedagogical strategies for you to incorporate into your existing lesson plans. These are designed to work at any graded level. Lesson plan templates can also be found there.

Their Educator’s Guide to Using Zoom in the Classroom covers how to get started with Zoom and find tips and resources for engaging parents and students. It’s worth at least a skimming even if you think you are familiar with Zoom as they concisely provide an overview of some of their newest features.

Their Parent & Student’s Guide to Using Zoom for Learning is just that. Some families and students might appreciate being shared this helpful guide.

Zoom’s Learning Center for Education offers recorded training sessions on some of their features (see screenshot below).

Zoom Learning Center for Education

A random handful of websites that might be helpful

Useful Sites

In no particular order, here are a few websites that instructional staff might find have a use case…

CocoMaterial Icons | AI photo editing


Tiny Wow: Free Online Tools

Want Free Custom Poster Printing?

Canva poster offer

From 3 am EST on August 26 to 3 am EST on August 27, the first 300 eligible K-12 Canva for Education teachers in each school district in the U.S. can access a US$25 poster print voucher to print classroom posters, while supplies last. All info here:

Their $25 credit can cover up to three custom posters, depending on size and paper type. See also this blog post on more details of your Canva for Education account – all instructional staff have such an account.

​Google Doc edit notifications

Google doc notifications
In Google Docs, starting later this month, you will be able to choose to receive email notifications for document changes (comments and/or edits) on a per file basis. Edit notification emails will detail what changes were made, when the changes were made, and who made them. (Google Sheets already has this notification feature.)
You will be able to configure these notifications in multiple places:
  • Gmail
  • In Docs via the Notification settings drop down (bell icon) or Tools > Notification settings.


Why you’d use it
Staying on top of relevant changes and comments across multiple documents can be difficult. By giving you the option to specify which comments and changes to be notified about, you can more easily stay on top of what needs your attention most and keep track of collaboration. You will be able to configure these settings from Gmail using the new “Notification settings” drop down:
Google doc notification
They will also be accessible within Docs in the “Notification settings” drop down (bell icon). This will open a dialogue box with the notification settings options, which you can adjust as needed. Please note that edit notifications will be off by default and can be enabled on a per-document basis. When enabled, you will be notified when anyone adds or removes content from the document.
You can also access these settings in Tools > Notification settings.
Edit notifications will be OFF by default and can be enabled on a per document basis. Visit the Help Center to learn more about turning edit notifications on or off for your account.

Gmail has a new integrated view

Integrated Gmail View

Google announced last January that a new integrated view for Gmail was coming and while it had been delayed, starting this month, users who have not opted-in will begin seeing the new experience by default, but can revert to classic Gmail via Quick settings (gear in top right). Within the next two months, this will become the default experience with no option to revert back.

See this support article for more background –

integrated Gmail


Mega update and new name for FlipGrid…now FLIP!


FlipGrid, I mean Flip, is cranking out some new features in the coming weeks that Flipgrid users are bound to really like! Just a few: Custom Group Links, Edit Captions, Group Templates, Sign Language Lens (Sounds awesome!), Camera upgrades and lots more. Here’s their latest blog with all the updates.

To see some of the new features, check out the video below.