BrainPOP Information Privacy Lesson

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October is Cybersecurity month. How can you facilitate student learning about this topic? BrainPOP has videos and accompanying lessons for grades 3-12. Teachers of younger learners can check out BrainPOP Jr for more appropriate videos and lessons. P-CCS has a K-12 subscription to BrainPOP products and they are accessible via Clever. Check out this lesson on information privacy.


FYI, BrainPop has updated their Primary Source feature


BrainPop recently made significant updates to their Primary Source feature, making it even more useful for remote and in-person learning needs. Now students can answer free-response questions directly on their site and submit answers immediately for a teacher’s review.

With Primary Source, students can deepen their understanding of a topic by closely examining real historical artifacts and answering free-response questions designed to prompt critical thinking and deeper exploration.

Primary Source

BrainPop’s January Teachers Lounge

BrainPop Teachers Lounge

BrainPop’s January newsletter for K-12 instructional staff can be found HERE.

As a reminder, all district students, K-12 can access our paid subscription to BrainPop/BrainPop Jr via Clever at

Pics below show some of what’s in their latest newsletter.


Personalize your digital Clever classroom

With Clever Teacher Pages you can make spaces for subjects, projects, extra practice—and students can access everything from school or home. Here’s how it works:

Personalize your Teacher Page

Go to your Homeroom tab and click into your shared teacher page.

Add resources and organize them

Add applications your class uses and any other online resource, like pdfs, Google docs, and videos.

See real-time student usage

View how students are engaging with resources you added.

For those that teach IXL, access is available to content in four subject areas


If you are a teacher with IXL licensing, as a reminder, you can adjust the content that you can assign students, to include not just ELA and Math but also the subjects of Science and/or Social Studies* by clicking the boxes for those subjects within your teacher profile when logged into your IXL account.


IXL part 1


IXL part 2

* Please note, while access to IXL ELA and Math extends through 2023, access to IXL Science and Social Studies is only available during the 2020-2021 School Year.