P-CCS is Moving to Managed Apple IDs

What is a “managed Apple ID”? 

Managed Apple IDs are special school-created and school-owned accounts that provide access to Apple services. Managed Apple IDs are designed to meet the privacy and security needs of schools, including limitations on purchasing and communications, and role-based administration.

Why is P-CCS choosing to move to Managed Apple IDs?

Moving to Managed Apple IDs provides additional features to staff, students, and families like

  • Upgraded iCloud Storage. Managed Apple IDs receive 200GB of free iCloud storage and access to iCloud services. iCloud services include Shared iPad, iCloud Drive, Photos, Safari, Notes, News, Calendars, Reminders, and Backup. This means staff and families can access data like voice memos, photos, and more from any web browser!
  • Apple Classroom. Class rosters created in Apple School Manager are automatically available for teachers in Apple Classroom! This allows teachers to use Apple Classroom to force open an app, view student screens, and more directly from their device all without manually rostering their own students!
  • iWork, Schoolwork, and other apps become available for staff/student use

Who will this affect? 

This change will affect anyone who has created an apple ID using their @pccsk12.com email address. This will mainly be for Y5/K and 1st grade teachers with district iPads, but could also affect you if you ever created an apple ID using your P-CCS email address.

When will this happen? 

The district plans to move to managed Apple IDs on May 31, 2023. From that date, you will have 60 days to choose a different email address to preserve any current apps and data attached to your @pccsk12.com apple ID.

What do I need to do? 

When you receive notification that P-CCS has claimed the “Pccsk12.com” domain, you will be given directions on how to change your email address to preserve any data/purchases attached to your P-CCS apple ID. If you do nothing, in 60 days apple will assign you an apple ID with all your data and purchases attached to it.

How will I login to my managed Apple ID? 

Your new managed Apple ID will be associated with your district email account. When prompted to login to your device, type in your district email, and then you will be prompted to login to Google to finish up the authentication.


If you have any questions about Managed Apple IDs, please put in a tech request for “technology integration” at helpdesk.pccsk12.com

May BrainPOP teacher lounge

As a reminder, all district students, K-12 can access our paid subscription to BrainPop/BrainPop Jr via Clever at https://clever.com/in/pccs


Use AI to your Advantage with Canva Magic Write


Canva Magic Write is now available to all of our staff. Magic Write uses artificial intelligence (AI) to act as your own teaching assistant. You can do things such as:

  • Personalize lesson plans
  • Summarize concepts
  • Find dozens of written work examples
  • Draft parent communications and student feedback
  • or even help you brainstorm some creative ideas for your next lesson

When using AI, please remember that it is constantly learning and adapting. So the more information you provide, the more detailed and factual it will become. Please also vet the content it provides. As with all technology, especially new technology, it is not perfect, but it can definitely save you a lot of time, spark ideas, or be a starter for your work.

For more information on this feature please visit: Try Magic Write for Education in Canva

10 Tips to Teaching with Chromebooks

In this presentation by John R. Sowash you can learn

  • Tab Tricks and tips
  • Virtual Desks
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (with free printables)
  • Tips for the Bookmark Bar/Bookmarks
  • Screen capture and record tips
  • Touchscreen Tips
  • Accessability Features
  • Extensions, Apps and More!

Click HERE to access the slidedeck!

NewsELA April 2023 Content Calendar

April is here! And NewsELA has put together resources that can be used throughout the month of April. For each weekday, you’ll find a Newsela resource that is ready to go and can be used immediately. On some days, you’ll also find a corresponding shared lesson from a Newsela Community member!

Download the April 2023 calendar

All P-CCS students in grades 3-12 have NewsELA access. If you need support in using our NewsELA subscription, please select technology integration when submitting a tech request at helpdesk.pccsk12.com.


BrainPOP: April Teachers’ Lounge

With Earth Month upon us, April’s newsletter features topics ranging from Humans and the Environment to Wangari Maathai, environmental activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Use these movies and more as a launching pad for discussion with your students about caring for our planet.

April is also Poetry Month and Financial Literacy Month, so enjoy their collections of related topics in this edition of the Teachers’ Lounge.

Also in this month’s newsletter:

  • Enter the BrainPOP Science Earth Month Giveaway to win a $100 gift card for supplies and swag just for you.
  • Immersive Reader on BrainPOP Jr. Quizzes

Click HERE to get to the full BrainPop teacher lounge!

April Teachers Lounge

Canva Create- Highlights of New Features Coming to Canva

On March 23, Canva held an event called Canva Create. The purpose of the event was to showcase some of the newest features and announcements coming to Canva. Please note that some of the features announced are still in BETA mode. This means that the public can provide feedback to Canva if there are inconsistencies or stability issues with the newest features. Below are just some examples of what was provided at Canva Create. To learn about these tools and MUCH more, click here.

Magic Design– Upload an image into Canva, and Canva will preview different mediums and ideas for you.

Magic Edit– Use AI to replace part of an image inside of a design with a virtual brush.

Translate– You or your students can now translate over 100 languages into Canva Designs

Illuminate DNA Updates – Item Banks

Illuminate DnA has recently made some updates making item banks even more useful to you! Explore this slidedeck to see the updates:

If you’re unfamiliar – Illuminate DnA is an Online Achievement System built on Assessments, Data and Learning Tools, as well as Special Education Systems. Staff access illuminate by logging into MistarQ and clicking on Menu >Analysis >Mistar-DnA. Through Illuminate DnA staff can enter test scores, pull questions from item banks to create assessments, and use the data inside Illuminate to monitor student progress. Need more help with Illuminate DnA? Check out these resources from Jonathan Flukes, Dir. Of Data, Assess. Research & Evals.