K-5 Teachers: Welcome to Lumio!

Lumio is coming to P-CCS!

We are so excited to share that all Elementary Teachers will be getting Lumio accounts beginning on Monday August 7! P-CCS has partnered with SMART to bring new SMARTboards to every elementary classroom over the next three years. There are so many new amazing features that help make these Smartboards the best walk up and teach interactive technology and Lumio is the online component that leverages the Smartboard hardware! But even if you are teaching in an elementary building that didn’t get the new Smartboards this year, you will still have access to Lumio for use with your current SmartBoard and in the future when that board is replaced with a new one!

So what is Lumio?

Lumio is the online component of the SMART technologies resources that include lesson resources, interactive activities, games, collaborative workspaces, and so much more! (If you remember Smart notebook and Smart Exchange from years ago, this is the newer, better, online version!) Lumio is the digital learning tool for transforming lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own devices. Transform lessons in seconds, then deliver them to student devices in a browser, or via Google. You can even combine different file types (PDFs, Google Slides, PowerPoint and Notebook files) into a single Lumio lesson! Import the lessons you already use, combine existing resources and enhance them with customizable components including games, collaborative workspaces and much more. Then deliver them to student devices quickly and easily, all from a browser or Google Drive.

How do I get started?

Starting Monday August 7, check your P-CCS email for information on how to access your account. Then keep an eye in your inbox for weekly emails from Lumio that will give you step by step training to use ready made resources in Lumio, create your own and how to share with students! If you ever need support, put in a tech request for Technology Integration at helpdesk.pccsk12.com.


Introducing KnowBe4 Training and Awareness Program

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools is committed to ensuring the online safety of our staff and students. This school year, P-CCS is partnering with KnowBe4 to enhance awareness around phishing scams. We will be utilizing KnowBe4’s training tools to empower our staff to recognize phishing scams and equip our Technology Department with tools to assess our current information security culture, identify areas of improvement, and equip every member of our community to safely navigate the ever-evolving landscape of information security.


What is KnowBe4?

KnowBe4 is the world’s first and largest security-awareness training and simulated phishing platform. More than 35,000 organizations around the world use KnowBe4 to raise awareness of threats to information security and train users to protect themselves and their institutions from those threats. KnowBe4 is highly reputable. In 2019 and 2020, the platform was named “Security Awareness Training Platform of the Year” by CyberSecurity Breakthrough (Tarantino 2020), “Education and Training Provider of the Year” by Network Computing (Tarantino 2020), and the winner of the Cyber Defense Magazine “Cyber Defense InfoSec Award” (Tarantino 2020)


How does KnowBe4 work?

KnowBe4 will provide staff with opportunities to identify common phishing email indicators and access concise training modules that contain crucial information on maintaining online security. It will allow P-CCS to run phishing simulations and easily track actual phishing attacks through a “Phish Alert Button” that is integrated into Gmail. Additionally, KnowBe4 will provide our Technology Department with analytical tools to understand our security culture and customize future training and communications according to the needs of the P-CCS staff.


Throughout the year, the P-CCS Technology Department will periodically launch simulated phishing attacks. Please view these simulations as learning experiences to enhance your digital safety, not only within our district but also on a personal level. If you encounter a suspicious email — characterized by elements such as poor grammar, unfamiliar sender addresses, spoofed institutional branding, or urgent requests — simply click the “Phish Alert Button” located on the right side of your district Gmail inbox. Once reported, it will be reviewed to see if it is malicious in nature and either discarded or returned to your inbox.


Next Steps for PCCS Staff:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the “Phish Alert Button” in Gmail.
  2. Stay vigilant for suspicious emails – watch out for poor grammar, unfamiliar sender addresses, spoofed institutional branding, or urgent requests.
  3. If an email seems remotely suspicious, report it using the “Phish Alert Button”. This helps maintain the security of P-CCS staff and student information.
  4. Always err on the side of caution – if you’re uncertain about the legitimacy of an email, report it using the Phish Alert Button. Emails that are found to be safe can and will be easily restored to your inbox.


If you have any questions regarding KnowBe4, please submit a tech ticket at helpdesk.pccsk12.com.


Getting Emails about P-CCS taking over the domain? Confused on what to do?

Been getting Emails like this? (If you have not been getting these emails you can ignore this blog post)

Update Apple ID

Apple Support
If you have been getting these emails it means that you previously used your @pccsk12.com email address as an apple ID. This is the first step in the process of PCCS moving to managed apple IDs. And now that PCCS will be managing all @pccsk12 emails used as Apple IDs – you need to decide what’s best for you.
  • Do you have a lot of app purchases or credit cards or photos or other data that you wish to keep? If YES, then you are going to want to update your apple ID to a different email address. You can use a personal email that isn’t already tied to an apple ID, create a new email to update your Apple ID to, or create an icloud email address to transfer your data.
  • If you DO NOT have any app purchases or data you are concerned about keeping, you can ignore these emails and do nothing. After July 30, Apple will assign an icloud email address to you and send an email with the information to change your password. If you truly do not care about any data previously attached to your PCCS apple ID, you can again do nothing.


In the fall, more information will be coming out about how to log in to your managed apple ID and the benefits!

If you’d like more information on Managed Apple IDs, check this previous blog post.

Technology Checklist for Summer Break!

It’s almost Summer Break! We hope you enjoy all things summer, but as you close out your classrooms for the year, please ensure these technology items are also taken care of.

Classroom Technology

  • Please comply with the directions of your principal and main office to turn in or secure all classroom technology equipment such as document cameras, microphones, interactive pens, and remotes.
  • Please also secure or take home all District-assigned devices (laptop, Chromebook, iPad, etc.), as well as all personally-owned devices. Please consider plugging in and updating your District Laptop prior to the start of PD in the fall (sometimes updates can take an hour or two if your device is off all summer) – see this blog post about Suggested Laptop Maintenance for reference.
  • Power off projectors/IFPs, sound amps, and desktop computers. Unplug any lamps, power strips, etc. You may leave district printers and copiers plugged in and powered on.
  • If you have a cart of devices, ensure that all devices are plugged in, the cart is locked and plugged in.
  • Follow the care suggestions for classroom audio


Rest assured, you really don’t need to do anything to your Canvas page. It will roll over to Past Enrollments and you will be able to copy the content into your new course shell in the fall. If you’d like options and considerations that you may wish to think about for next year, view this blog post.

After June 14, 2023 students will no longer be able to submit or edit any work. Teachers will have until Friday June 16, 2023 to finalize any grades.


Staff and Students will have access to all clever resources throughout the summer. Clever syncing will be on pause starting on Monday June 12, 2023 giving student’s access to their 22-23 teacher’s pages and links until around mid-August when syncing will resume for the 23-24 school year. If you’re interested in learning how to make the most of Clever in your classroom, consider looking at training and ideas here.


PCCS’s digital subscription for K-5 elementary students will continue throughout the summer. Students will have access to their NWEA skill plans (which were just updated with any spring scores) all summer. Students will have access to any current teacher starred skills through around mid-August. Students in 5th grade currently will lose access around mid-August when syncing begins for the 23-24 school year as they will then be recognized as 6th graders.

Other District Provided Subscriptions

For the most part if it is a district provided subscription the district will handle any archiving and rostering needs for you. For example, WeVideo, Newsela, BrainPOP/BrainPOPjr, Seesaw for Schools, – there is no action required on your part. If you have manually created classes for things like Epic, Seesaw (grades 3-12 who do not have the Seesaw for Schools subscription), SplashLearn, etc. You may want to archive/delete old classes.

Sharing Digital Content

Whether you are separating from service, working on curriculum, or you are teaching different classes next year there are several options for sharing digital content with colleagues.

Need SCHECH credits?

Leaving the District?

Your TIS team is available all summer to support you – simply put in a tech request at helpdesk.pccsk12.com for technology integration!

P-CCS is Moving to Managed Apple IDs

What is a “managed Apple ID”? 

Managed Apple IDs are special school-created and school-owned accounts that provide access to Apple services. Managed Apple IDs are designed to meet the privacy and security needs of schools, including limitations on purchasing and communications, and role-based administration.

Why is P-CCS choosing to move to Managed Apple IDs?

Moving to Managed Apple IDs provides additional features to staff, students, and families like

  • Upgraded iCloud Storage. Managed Apple IDs receive 200GB of free iCloud storage and access to iCloud services. iCloud services include Shared iPad, iCloud Drive, Photos, Safari, Notes, News, Calendars, Reminders, and Backup. This means staff and families can access data like voice memos, photos, and more from any web browser!
  • Apple Classroom. Class rosters created in Apple School Manager are automatically available for teachers in Apple Classroom! This allows teachers to use Apple Classroom to force open an app, view student screens, and more directly from their device all without manually rostering their own students!
  • iWork, Schoolwork, and other apps become available for staff/student use

Who will this affect? 

This change will affect anyone who has created an apple ID using their @pccsk12.com email address. This will mainly be for Y5/K and 1st grade teachers with district iPads, but could also affect you if you ever created an apple ID using your P-CCS email address.

When will this happen? 

The district plans to move to managed Apple IDs on May 31, 2023. From that date, you will have 60 days to choose a different email address to preserve any current apps and data attached to your @pccsk12.com apple ID.

What do I need to do? 

When you receive notification that P-CCS has claimed the “Pccsk12.com” domain, you will be given directions on how to change your email address to preserve any data/purchases attached to your P-CCS apple ID. If you do nothing, in 60 days apple will assign you an apple ID with all your data and purchases attached to it.

How will I login to my managed Apple ID? 

Your new managed Apple ID will be associated with your district email account. When prompted to login to your device, type in your district email, and then you will be prompted to login to Google to finish up the authentication.


If you have any questions about Managed Apple IDs, please put in a tech request for “technology integration” at helpdesk.pccsk12.com

May BrainPOP teacher lounge

As a reminder, all district students, K-12 can access our paid subscription to BrainPop/BrainPop Jr via Clever at https://clever.com/in/pccs


Use AI to your Advantage with Canva Magic Write


Canva Magic Write is now available to all of our staff. Magic Write uses artificial intelligence (AI) to act as your own teaching assistant. You can do things such as:

  • Personalize lesson plans
  • Summarize concepts
  • Find dozens of written work examples
  • Draft parent communications and student feedback
  • or even help you brainstorm some creative ideas for your next lesson

When using AI, please remember that it is constantly learning and adapting. So the more information you provide, the more detailed and factual it will become. Please also vet the content it provides. As with all technology, especially new technology, it is not perfect, but it can definitely save you a lot of time, spark ideas, or be a starter for your work.

For more information on this feature please visit: Try Magic Write for Education in Canva