Canva for Education School Teams

We have recently updated Canva to incorporate school teams. Now we can send up a brand kit for each school and have more ability to choose what tools are available for different age levels. Additionally, if you have student classes rostered to you, you’ll have a “class” set up in Canva which works like a shared folder. Two important things to be aware of:

  • Going forward, please use your Canva school team, especially if you are using it with students. You can change teams with the team switcher:

  • If you have designs in the other team that you want to use with students, you can copy the design to another team.

steps to copy to another team

If you are already a Canva user, the next time you log out and log back into Canva, you’ll be joined to the new school team. Your pre-existing content will be accessible by switching between teams; you can copy designs to your new school team by following these steps. Click here to log out of Canva to get started.

  • Please read the Canva teacher’s guide, even if you’ve used Canva before – there are a few differences between our new organization-wide version of Canva and versions you may have used in the past.
  • To learn more about using Canva to support your work, check out Canva’s general learning site (Canva Design School) or their Teacher Resources page for resources specific to K-12 students and teachers.

Canva Create- Highlights of New Features Coming to Canva

On March 23, Canva held an event called Canva Create. The purpose of the event was to showcase some of the newest features and announcements coming to Canva. Please note that some of the features announced are still in BETA mode. This means that the public can provide feedback to Canva if there are inconsistencies or stability issues with the newest features. Below are just some examples of what was provided at Canva Create. To learn about these tools and MUCH more, click here.

Magic Design– Upload an image into Canva, and Canva will preview different mediums and ideas for you.

Magic Edit– Use AI to replace part of an image inside of a design with a virtual brush.

Translate– You or your students can now translate over 100 languages into Canva Designs

Edit PDFs with Canva

Canva is a great design tool for student and teacher use. It is free for education account and integrates with Canvas. If you haven’t taken the “Use Canva in Canvas” course you should add it to your list!

Did you know you can upload an existing PDF to Canva to redesign and update it? See the short video below.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Canva in your classroom, you might consider attending their back to school webinar on July 19 at 3 PM. Sign up here. Or you can always catch the recording and catch up on past ones.

ad for back to school webinar


Use Canva for Year-End Slideshow or Video

As the year comes to a close, you may be looking for a way to put together a slideshow of photo memories from the school year. You can use Canva to help create and share these. You can set up a slideshow with images on each slide and add background music. Canva also has the complete video editor so you can customize it to your liking. See the tutorials for each of those options below.

App Smash: Canva, Flipgrid, and Canvas

Canva now has ready-to-go Flipgrid background templates. These templates are great for teachers and students to give book reviews, teach about main ideas, or building community.

Search “flipgrid” when you are in Canva and you can select a template that works for you. Customize it to your liking, download the image, and then add it as a background in a Flipgrid video (students and teachers can make stand-alone videos with Flipgrid Shorts).

If you are doing it for a student assignment, students can easily submit the video in Canvas as a website URL or by downloading the video and uploading it to Studio.

See the <4 minute video below on how this can be done.

Canva blog post:

Student Tutorial for Uploading a Video to Studio to Submit:

Student Tutorial for Submitting a Website URL:

If you want to learn more about how Canva and Canvas integrate see our previous blogpost or enroll in the asynchronous Canvas course.


New Video Editor in Canva

Canva is a free online tool that educators can use that has an extensive library of images, templates, worksheets, presentations, etc. Recently they announced the ability to not only add video, but also the ability to edit videos and collaborate on videos. If you are interested in more information on Canva, and/or if you are interested in learning more about Canva, there will be an asynchronous course available to learn Canva on the PD day(November 2nd).

For a brief tutorial on the video editor, and its capabilities, we are including a video down below – see also our last blog post about Canva and how to access it HERE: