multiplying fractions practice problem results

If you or your students are looking for practice and immediate feedback, look no further than Google. For example, if you type “FOIL practice problem” in the Google search bar, students and teachers can find topic explanations and practice problems right on the results page. See the image below for sample results from such a search.

image of Google results
Students that need help can get a quick overview of the topic and try several practice problems with immediate feedback.

These particular problems are sourced from ck-12, a reputable open-education resource.

Showing Ck-12 affiliation

Other topics you search for may come up with practice problems from other recognizable resources like Kahoot!

multiplying fractions practice problem results

This can be a quick resource for students that need some extra support or are studying for upcoming tests. Math and science topics seemed to be most successful in getting results.

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