We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic update for both staff and students at Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCCS)! Our commitment to providing a seamless digital experience has led us to introduce pre-populated bookmarks, making it even easier for you to access essential resources. These bookmarks are conveniently organized within a designated folder labeled “PCCS Bookmarks” on any Chrome browser when logged in with your PCCS email.

For Staff:

  1. Clever – Convenient access to Clever services.
  2. Google Dashboard – Aka the Waffle
  3. Mistar-Q – PCCS Student Information System (SIS)
  4. Tech Requests – Submit technology support requests.
  5. Rubicon Atlas – PCCS Curriculum – Explore PCCS curriculum.
  6. Canvas Catalog – PCCS PD – PCCS catalog of PD offerings
  7. PCCS Tech –  PCCS technology information  and support
  8. NWEA MAP Login – Easily log in to the NWEA MAP assessment platform.

For Students:

  1. Clever – Convenient access to Clever services.
  2. Canvas – Navigate your courses on the Canvas learning platform.
  3. Google Dashboard – Aka the Waffle
  4. Mistar-Student Connection – Access grades, attendance, and other student records
  5. Digital Learning Hub – Explore resources for digital learning.
  6. K-12 Student Handbook – Refer to the comprehensive student handbook.

We want to emphasize that this enhancement won’t affect any bookmarks you’ve already created. You’re still free to add and customize additional bookmarks to suit your individual needs.

These bookmarks will only appear when logged into Chrome with your PCCS email. For those unfamiliar with logging into Chrome with your PCCS email visit this link for support with logging in to your web browser.

At PCCS, we’re dedicated to providing a user-friendly digital environment, and we believe these pre-populated bookmarks will be a game-changer in streamlining your online experience. We hope you enjoy the added convenience and accessibility they bring to your daily routine. Happy browsing!

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