Image of selecting course content to copy

When you next login to Canvas, you may be looking for your courses from last year (the recently ended 2020-21 school year). To find them click on the Courses button on the Global Navigation menu and then “All Courses” to arrive at At the bottom of that page you will find “Past Enrollments.”

Visual of buttons needed to access courses

The courses in “Past Enrollments” are view only, including the copies you made per our directions in another blog post. In order to edit your course and start making updates for the 21-22 school year, you need create a new course and copy last year’s content into it.


Two ways to create a course

Give your course a name and then import existing content into the course.


Giving the course a name


Import existing content


Image of selecting course content to copyTo watch these steps in video format:

Please reach out to a Technology Integration Specialist if you need assistance.

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