During the week of January 7th, the Technology Department will make a change to our district wireless network. After this change, our wireless network will no longer broadcast at the lower frequency band of 2.4 GHz; it will only broadcast on one band, 5.2 GHz.

Technology equipment that was manufactured in the last nine years, if WIFI-enabled, typically can connect to both bands (N.B. all currently deployed district-owned WIFI-enabled devices connect at both bands). The Technology Department feels comfortable making this adjustment so that devices connecting to our network will default connect to the 5.2 GHz band since its higher bandwidth can provide much faster data connections than the 2.4 GHz band. Since November we have piloted this change in one school and performance results there support this decision.

Staff will be asked to submit a service ticket if they, or students that alert them, experience unexpected wireless connectivity issues after the week of January 7th.

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