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A few highlights from the July issue.

New Google for Education Training Course Catalog
Looking for Google Workspace for Education trainings for educators? Find the full catalog of offerings at

Journey to ancient Egypt in Return of the Cat Mummy
Students can explore ancient Egyptian beliefs, hieroglyphs, & mummies including a new game which invites users to explore and learn about the ancient Egyptian afterlife.

Play a cello inspired instrument with the help of machine learning
Viola the Bird is a way for anyone to learn about string instruments and to explore their own creativity through music. Regardless of their musical ability, users can help Viola the Bird play its cello-inspired instrument, and take a playful musical journey.

Leonardo da Vinci: Inside a genius mind
Google Arts & Culture has unveiled “Inside a Genius Mind” — the largest online retrospective dedicated to the genius of the Renaissance, showcasing his extraordinary codices alongside his artistic and scientific contributions.

Unpack Life Beyond Earth with NASA and Astrokobi
Students can hear from NASA astrobiologist Heather Graham and YT creator Astrokobi to understand what life is, where we would find it beyond Earth and what it would look like.

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