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Teach Black History with Applied Digital Skills
Looking for an engaging lesson to teach during Black History Month? Our Explore a Topic: Celebrate Black History collection helps students research a topic of their choosing related to Black history and create a project in Docs, Slides, or Sites to demonstrate what they learned.
Safer Internet Day tips from the CEO of ConnectSafely
This Safer Internet Day, we’re sharing tips and best practices for online safety from Larry Magid, CEO of ConnectSafely. He recommends keeping mental health in mind, having conversations with students around the apps they use, and to always keep privacy in mind.
Celebrate Digital Learning Day with Applied Digital Skills
Save the date, Digital Learning Day is March 15, 2023! Join in the fun and encourage students to try new digital tools in their classroom with a lesson from Applied Digital Skills. To get ready for the big day, check out this collection of our most popular lessons amongst educators.
Arts & Culture: Artificial Intelligence
AI More than Human, explains, explores and examines the history, creativity and potential future of artificial intelligence. Discover art works, see videos of experts, take part in AI experiments and learn how AI is trying to save the planet.
Arts & Culture: Beethoven Fun and Games
Two new experiments, Beethoven Beats and Blob Beats, challenge you to play with and discover the work of Beethoven. Tap a rhythm to conjure one of Beethoven’s piano sonatas, or play the Blobs arcade game and score points with musical notes.

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