Google for Edu December

Check out Google for Edu’s latest monthly newsletter HERE. Some highlights are noted below.

Introducing the Future of Education
What might the future of education look like? Check out Future of Education, our new global research report featuring insights from 94 education experts across 24 countries, conducted in partnership with Canvas8 and advised by American Institutes for Research.

Safer Internet Day Grants from ConnectSafely
Our partners at ConnectSafely are offering grants to help teachers purchase supplies or resources for student programs and activities for Safer Internet Day. Applications are due on December 31, 2022, so be sure to apply today!

Choose Your Own Adventure with Applied Digital Skills
Our most popular Applied Digital Skills lesson just got an update!: In Write an If-Then Adventure Story, students can collaborate with each other to create an interactive story using Google Slides. Check it out today.

Arts & Culture: Ukraine is Here
Explore the arts and culture of Ukraine, from architecture to traditional crafts and food. Discover music, art, design, heritage and nature conservation through stories, videos, virtual tours, and 3D models to understand the history and creativity of the Ukranian people.

Arts & Culture: La Baguette
Discover the “staff of life” in France and around the world, the French bread stick, la baguette. Explore the science, the history, what makes a good loaf, regional bread, the language, a fun game, career ideas or bake your own loaf.

New Google Sheets Tutorial for Beginners
We recently published a new video covering How to use Google Sheets for Beginners. This video covers basic functionality all the way up through VLOOKUP and pivot tables – check it out on YouTube!

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