Waffle problems

In case your Google apps launcher (waffle) waffle isn’t available or doesn’t show the app icons you were expecting, please consider browsing to your Google apps dashboard https://gsuite.google.com/dashboard instead or log in directly to the specific app, such as the three shown below, with the urls below.


 FrontlineFRONTLINE —  https://login.frontlineeducation.com/sso/plymouthcanton 

   ZoomZOOMhttps://pccsk12.zoom.us/signin   OR   https://zoom.us/signin and click Sign in with Google

While not in the apps launcher, another app that some staff have asked for the URL is

RUBICON ATLAShttps://pccsk12.rubiconatlas.org/Atlas/Authentication/View/Login?idp=5 

We will have this information and more app links:  Browse to the DIGITAL TEACHING HUB and bookmark that site for future reference.

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