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CSforALL now has a monthly newsletter

Looking for ways to sharpen your skills in all things Computer Science?  Look no further than the CSforALL monthly newsletter. They offer a free subscription and the newsletter is filled with opportunities for students to engage with computer science, resources to bring computer science into your classroom and tools to engage and support learning.



21 Things 4 Students added to

The REMC Association is pleased to share that 21 Things 4 Students was peer-reviewed by and added as a link in their federated repository of learning projects. MERLOT only accepts the highest level of resources that meet a standard of high quality content, potential effectiveness as a teaching tool and ease of use.



Stay warm and learn something new! Take advantage of next month’s courses to learn new skills and tools to enhance your classroom.

February is a great time to learn in an instructor-led virtual course setting. REMC courses offer 10 free SCECHs, and are open to all Michigan school personnel.

Through the support of REMC SAVE’s vendor partners, all courses are FREE and there are no SCECH fees. You won’t want to miss out on these virtual courses that are a great way for educators to learn, connect, collaborate and grow from the convenience of their home.

Register by Friday, February 4th – Classes Begin Monday, February 7th

Check out February 2022 courses here:

Registration deadline is Friday, February 4th. You will receive a welcome email with the course login and other information prior to the start date. If you have questions or need further assistance with your registration, please contact Erin Rommeck, REMC Event Coordinator.

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