John Sowash is a former HS biology teacher and principal who helps teachers use technology to improve instruction. A few links he has posted on his blog are shared below along with his commentary.

  1. Link to a specific portion of a webpage – Google released a handy Chrome Extension that makes it easy to point someone to a specific portion of a web page. It even highlights the text you want to emphasize!
  2. The Anywhere School 2020 – Google is planning a special back-to-school event in mid August. Details are sparse, but they claim it will be awesome! RSVP to attend (free).
  3. The best ELA tools for your classroom – in this blog post [John] shares his favorite web-based ELA tools for helping students become strong readers and writers.
  4. Turning paper assignments into digital activities – Assignments that were designed for printing, don’t always translate well into digital activities. Here’s a look at how [John] redesigned a paper assignment into a remote learning activity.
  5. 25 Novel Hyperdocs – Karly Moura (@KarlyMoura) shared her collection of ELA hyperdocs over on the Ditch that Textbook blog. If you are doing a novel study, this is an awesome resource!


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