Ethernet Port on Dell Laptops

The new laptops have a slimmer form factor. Due to the bigger connectors such as the ethernet cord can be somewhat difficult to remove.

When removing the ethernet cord, please remember to press upon the spring that is located under the cord (See picture), and then pull the cord out.


Because of the slim form factor more than likely you will need to pull the cord out with a good bit of force while holding the spring in.


It doesn’t appear this new laptop has a VGA port. Does it?

No. This laptop, like most other new laptops released in the last two years, does not have a VGA port. If you are currently utilizing a second monitor with a VGA port, you might need to purchase an HDMI to VGA adapter. Although the district/department is not providing nor underwriting the purchase of HDMI to VGA adapters (excepting for a small number in support of the loaner monitors provided to each building) adapters selling for under $10 such as this one from Amazon can facilitate continued VGA usage if desired. [Likewise, there are also USB-C to VGA adapters that can be purchased such as this one from Amazon to facilitate continued VGA usage if desired (note, when using the USB-C port with an adapter just for display purposes, charging at the same time is not possible). If looking to use a VGA/HDMI monitor and also display to a projector or interactive flat panel this USB-C hub from Amazon has been confirmed to work, and as a bonus, it also allows for a pass through for power to the laptop ]

Will there be any major differences between the old laptop and the new laptop?

The main differences include the new laptops have newer and faster processors, as well as WiFi 6 capabilities. They are configured with a district software portal that simplifies the software installation process which, because users will not have local administrative rights, will help prevent the installation of malicious software. The new laptops are capable of outputting video through the USB-C and/or HDMI ports, but do not support VGA.