We know this sounds a lot like EdPuzzle, if that’s something you’re already using, but ClassHook is a little different. What makes ClassHook’s “Pause Prompts” different from services like EDpuzzle, is that Pause Prompts aren’t intended to be homework assignments or individual assignments. Applications for Education Pause Prompts include giving students time to jot down some notes from a video or giving students time to answer or ask questions in small groups. ClassHook’s search feature could save you time when you’re searching for a video clip to support a point in your lesson plan and it can also be helpful in finding a video to build a flipped lesson.

ClassHook’s “Pause Prompts” let you add questions to an existing video as well, and it’s a great service for finding video clips to use in your classroom. Not only do ClassHook clips come from well-known movies and television shows, but you can also search for those clips according to subject area and topic. To reiterate, earlier this month, ClassHook introduced a new feature called Pause Prompts. Pause Prompts are questions that pop-up and pause a video in progress. The prompts are meant to be used for facilitating classroom conversations or to give students time to take notes at an important point in the video. https://www.classhook.com/

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