HIGH SCHOOL ACCESS: For the remainder of the school year, PCEP and Starkweather students and staff have full access to BrainPOP via our Clever portal. Creative resources such as Make-A-Map and Make-A-Movie as well as assignments, quizzes, and projects await. Staff planning to use BrainPOP can check out this 30 minutes BrainPOP101 course to get an overview of many of the resources and tools available.
Class data: Due to an unplanned change in sharing rules, teachers are no longer able to see prior student work  easily in their teacher dashboards. Any new assignments they create will display as normal. Though they are unable to view the older assignments, the data has not been lost: it remains in the students’ accounts and is still visible in the student dashboard.  If a teacher ever wants to see everything a student has done, they can click on “View Students” and click the student‘s name to view their timeline with all their quiz scores regardless of whether they were submitted to the teacher or not.

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