FREE REMC Virtual Courses for April

The REMC Virtual Courses are free and open to Michigan school personnel. You can take courses “just to learn” or complete the course and assignments and earn SCECH credits. 

All the courses are facilitated by Michigan educators.  They last three weeks and consists of two one-hour webinars and four to eight hours of resource review, assessment development, discussion boards and written reflection.  SCECHs range from 6 – 10 depending on the course.

These courses provide a convenient way for education professionals to connect and collaborate while reducing time and expense. Our courses are available throughout the school year and are open to all Michigan school personnel. Best of all, all our courses are free and offer free SCECHs when completed.

Seven courses begin on Monday, April 8.

Each course is open for three weeks and consists of two (2) one-hour webinars and four (4) to eight (8) hours of resource review, assessment developments and written reflection. SCECHs are available, ranging from 6 – 10, depending on the course.

  • Here are some suggested options:
  • Literacy Instruction and Technology: Foundational Elements, Level 1
  • Inquiry & Questioning: Igniting Student Curiosity with Technology, Level 1
  • Media Literacy: Fake or Real
  • Authentic Student Learning & Gamification
  • The What, Why, and How of Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Social Media: Professional Development through Social Media, Level 1
  • Dynamic Presentations

Please click this LINK to navigate to the course offerings.

Wayne RESA Maker-STEM Summit 2019

The first annual Wayne RESA Maker-STEM Summit will engage participants in the maker mindset of “learning through doing” and ways to expand maker and STEM opportunities for students. Attendees will learn from educators who successfully integrate making into their teaching. They will explore maker-centered tools and trends, gain valuable resources, collaborate with maker-minded educators, and learn about partnerships available across the state to help build capacity for hands-on learning. If you’re interested in the maker movement and finding new ways to infuse hands-on learning within your classroom or school, then the 2019 Wayne RESA Maker-STEM Summit is for you. 5 SCECHs available.

Learn more and register here:

FREE Digital Age Learning and Teaching Resources – MiTech Kids from REMC

The resources and content on this site are FREE to use and are Open Educational Resources. The MiTechKids website provides K-5 educators with resources for integrating technology into activities in the classroom to prepare students for success in the real world. This site extends the website that is designed for grades 5-9 to the K-5 grade levels.

The site is divided by grade levels K-5 and the seven ISTE Technology Standards for Students. There are basic skills and hot topics available for all age levels.

Navigate here to access this AMAZING resources from REMC:

SMART Learning Suite and Reader’s Workshop Resources Revisited

We’ve received lots of great feedback from the Elementary i3 conference and our SMART trainers continue to be a popular addition to our professional learning options.  This year was no different, as Jason Smith and Sarah Storck shared their deep knowledge of the SMART Learning Suite platform and how easy, fun, and engaging designing content can be when using SMART LS in classrooms.  In case you misplaced the resource, or wanted to revisit the great resources Sarah and Jason shared with us, please follow this link:

As always, you can request 1:1 or small group help with SMART Notebook by using our service request system and Matt Smoot or Rick Coughlin can come to your classroom to help! They love to help!



Increase grading and assessment productivity with Google Docs rubric tools

Orange Slice: Teacher Rubric

Easily and quickly make rubric selections and convert the Analysis or Holistic rubric into a percentage or points grade.

Teacher Rubric is an add-on that will increase your grading productivity and it professionally presents a scored rubric and grade for your students.

Google docs and Classroom are fantastic applications to create, distribute and receive submitted assignments from students. However, the grading process seems to bring the efficiency to a screeching halt. Where can the grade be placed so it stands out from the assignment? How can rubric selections be made easily? I like rubrics but the final grade can be tedious to calculate. It takes too many highlights, clicks and time to format grades on 125 submissions.

OrangeSlice: Teacher Rubric increases the teacher’s grading productivity by eliminating repetitive clicks, presenting the rubric selections in an easy to use format and presenting the final grades in a consistent, professional format. More time is created for the teacher to provide the needed constructive feedback their students need for success.

Get Teacher Rubric here:

Video Tutorial:

🙂 中文, Español, हिंदी, العربية, português, বাঙালি, русский, 日本語, Deutsche,
français, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਦੇ


CoRubrics, an add-on for Google Sheets helps teachers in the assessment process. It is used to assess students (or groups of students) with a rubric designed by the teacher and also allows students to assess other students (coevaluation).

CoRubrics automates the entire process. First, teachers design the rubric they want to use in Google Sheets, then they add the students’ names and their email address. (These can be imported from Google Classroom). Once this is done, the add-on will:

  • Create a Google Form with the contents of the rubric.
  • Send the form to the students by email or simply provide the link to the teacher.
  • Process the data once the form is filled out (by the students or by the teacher).
  • Finally, send the results to the students (each student receives only their results) with a personalized comment.

In addition, CoRubrics allows:

  • Insert comments when answered.
  • Allow Co-evaluation, self-assessment and teacher assessment with one link.

Get CoRubrics here:

Video Tutorial:

Bring History Alive with DocsTeach

DocsTeach is an online tool developed for teaching with documents from the National Archive. It has a rich access to thousands of primary sources  — letters, photographs, speeches, posters, maps, videos, and other document types — spanning the course of American history. We’re always adding more!

Borrow from an ever-expanding collection of document-based activities created by the National Archives, and teachers around the world. Copy and modify activities for your students.

Create your own activities using the online tools. It’s as simple as: (1) selecting a tool, (2) choosing your primary sources, and (3) customizing instructions. Learn more > 

Scratchwork for Math Class

Scratchwork is an online whiteboard and video conferencing tool designed with math students in mind. The platform works like many similar services as it provides you with a whiteboard on which you can draw, type, and import images to annotate. Scratchwork is a little different than other services because it includes a Latex editor for writing equations.

Giving students an opportunity to use digital math tools is an important part of the modern classroom and allows students to:


  • Draw naturally… with what you already have: Turn your pen and paper drawings into digital objects with your webcam or phone. Or draw on a tablet and see the big picture on your computer.
  • Develop your ideas: Reorganize, resize, and mark up your drawings. Upload and annotate PDF documents, or arrange your ideas on virtual pages to export as PDFs.
  • Collaborate: Share and edit your boards with others in real time. Chat, audio, and video calls are built in.

There is a free version available that includes:

  • 4 boards
  • 100MB storage
  • 3-way collaboration + video chat
  • PDF export with watermark
  • Basic math recognition
  • URL sharing

How to Create a Self Grading Quiz in Google Classroom

This resource comes from Richard Byrne. Richard is an Edtech expert and former High School social studies teacher. He is the lead author of

Use Google Classroom and Google forms to your advantage with creating quizzes that can be auto-graded. When students complete the quiz you will get a Google Sheet of all of the student’s answers and their scores from the quiz. And because it was created in Google Classroom, it will also allow you to assign a particular due date.


Free Alternative to Microsoft Office: Libre Office

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an icon on your ProBook desktop that is labeled LibreOffice 6.0.  When you double click on the icon, you’ll quickly see that LibreOffice is a fully featured office suite that is very capable of delivering a desktop publishing and spreadsheet experience every bit as robust as Microsoft Office, when you need tools that are different than the Google’s G Suite.  Here’s a quick in introduction.  We think you’ll find that it is intuitive and easy to use.  For the getting started guide, click this link: