Useful Sites

See how items of different sizes compare to each other. Zoom all the way in to a dinosaur or a teapot, or all the way out to gigaparsec scale, accompanied by soothing music.

Scale of the universe

Map of tagged sharks. If you’re interested in shark welfare and want to track migration patterns, or you’re just curious about how many geo-tagged sharks there are near you, this map has what you need.

Shark Tracker

Discover new authors you might like, visually. The closer a name is on the map to the name you entered, the more likely it is that you’ll like (or dislike) them both. A project from the Global Network Of Discovery (GNOD).

Lit Map

Wealth levels visualised. This website shows different levels of wealth using 1 pixel to represent $1,000. People consistently underestimate the relative wealth of the super-rich.  And incarceration visualized.

Incredible drone photography of 20th Century skyscrapers. Real photos of buildings that actually exist you can zoom in on. There is an accompanying bio of each highrise.

high rises




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