In short, the APs (or Access Points) are the white 10 inch square, 2 in thick boxes mounted in the classroom ceilings and hallways.  The APs are all labeled on the outside roughly using the following format   “AP-School-RoomLocation”. APs help create our wireless network by broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal in their designated areas. Wi-Fi enabled devices such as ipads and Chromebooks connect to our network via these APs.

Near the center of the APs is an indicator light. If it is dark or flashing put a service request in, and make sure to list the AP label and your room number. The dark or flashing light indicates that the AP is not happy and not working properly.  If the light is green, then the AP is happy and awaiting its first customer. If it is blue, it is happy and has at least one customer. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. GI JOE!

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