Clever is a PCCS hub for resources and supports a single click for logging in to external resources like Brain Pop, IXL, and more! It’s a great place for teachers to place collections of links to give students.

🗓️ The Classic Teacher Portal will retire in July 2024 and the Enhanced Teacher Portal will become the official Clever Portal for all teachers! Learn more about the timeline and the portal here🗓️

You may still have access to the classic portal for now, but for the 24-25 school year,  you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the new Enhanced Teacher Portal – which is helping teachers find resources 50% faster; so here are some resources to help!

QUICK NOTE: The student portal IS NOT CHANGING. Only the teacher portal. 

  1.  🗺️ Take a quick, clickable tour of the new portal
  2. ❣️ Find your Teacher Page faster by favoriting it. It will be the first thing you see when you log in!

Interested in learning more? 🏆 Qualify for PD credit when you become an Enhanced Teacher Portal certified educator.

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