BrainPOP: High School Access AND an issue with Class Data

HIGH SCHOOL ACCESS: For the remainder of the school year, PCEP and Starkweather students and staff have full access to BrainPOP via our Clever portal. Creative resources such as Make-A-Map and Make-A-Movie as well as assignments, quizzes, and projects await. Staff planning to use BrainPOP can check out this 30 minutes BrainPOP101 course to get an overview of many of the resources and tools available.
Class data: Due to an unplanned change in sharing rules, teachers are no longer able to see prior student work  easily in their teacher dashboards. Any new assignments they create will display as normal. Though they are unable to view the older assignments, the data has not been lost: it remains in the students’ accounts and is still visible in the student dashboard.  If a teacher ever wants to see everything a student has done, they can click on “View Students” and click the student‘s name to view their timeline with all their quiz scores regardless of whether they were submitted to the teacher or not.

Tech Integration Support- Here to Help! *PLEASE READ*

We hope this blog post finds you safe and well.  

The Technology Integration Team wants to ensure that EVERY staff member feels supported. Please read on to learn how we are working to support you. 


We created a GREAT site (but don’t take our word for it) thoughtfully filled with resources to assist you in successfully navigating online teaching and better understanding various tech tools and services. Please consider bookmarking (click star in the address bar) our home teaching hub site:


With Webex being our required platform by May 15th for any student video conferencing, we have created a dedicated Webex and Videoconferencing page filled with how-tos and best practice guidance on the Home Teaching Hub. 


In addition, on both our Webex Help page and the professional learning page, we have a public calendar listing available webinars on how to use Webex Meetings and Webex Events offered both by Cisco Webex staff and by the TIS team. Other training sessions are available through Teq(OTIS), Seesaw, and other vendors. The district-led training offered by Rick and Matt can be identified by the label “P-CCS” at the beginning of the webinar title.

Please note we have 2 Webex training sessions this week. 

Wednesday, May 6th- Webex Meeting Training- 12:00-1:00 p.m. – Click to copy to calendar

Thursday, May 7th- Webex Events Training- 12:00-1:00 p.m.- Click to copy to calendar


Click on the specific event shown on the calendar (see sample below from our Professional Learning Page):

Then click on ‘copy to my calendar’. It’s now on your calendar. Happy learning!


We also understand that some staff would like more individualized support. We’d love to help! Both Matt and Rick have open virtual office hours four hours every day, two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon (9-11 A.M. & 1-3 P.M.) To make a 15 minute (or longer) appointment with us, please click on this link: This link is also located in the signature of our emails.

Please know that we are here to support you however we can.


Your TIS Team,

Matt & Rick