Orbit Note Premium

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What is OrbitNote?

  • OrbitNote is a Google Extension made by the Texthelp company which also makes Read&Write for Google
  • OrbitNote makes PDF documents accessible!
  • OrbitNote can be used with PDF documents to:
    • Have text read aloud
    • Annotate on PDF documents
      • Type on documents
      • Highlight, underline, and circle words and phrases
      • Freehand draw on documents
    • Access speech-to-text
    • Access math tools built into the OrbitNote toolbar

Texthelp has agreed to provide all staff and students with FREE OrbitNote Premium until the end of the school year! Just make sure you are signed into Chrome with your P-CCS Google account.

Add the OrbitNote extension to your Chromebook or laptop and try out all premium features!

Check out the Ditch that Textbook blog post on 20 ways to use OrbitNote in the classroom.