Vision Internet is scheduled to update your visionCMS site with the latest visionLive release Thursday, 12/17/15 after 7:00 PM your time.

Nothing is required of your staff to complete the update, but users may experience interruptions accessing the site for up to 5-20 minutes at that time.

Please share this as necessary with your IT team and content managers. If you have any questions or concerns about this scheduled maintenance please email us or call (310) 656-3100 to speak with an account manager.


Enhancements to Existing Features:

In order to keep the Vision Content Management System™ and your website ahead of other government websites, we are constantly enhancing its features. For our latest release, we have fixed various bugs, made performance improvements, and refined the code, as well as added these latest enhancements:

Flexible Navigation Menu Options

We have a new option in the CMS where you can choose to display pages in the main navigation only, side navigation only, both, or neither. Select your display options for each page using the “Show in Main Navigation” and “Show in Side Navigation” checkboxes; any combination can be used! These checkboxes are located in the “Optional Page Settings” tab on each page.

Improved Front End Views

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the resident experience with your website, we have updated the responsiveness of visionSearch, updated the date format for Facebook and Twitter widgets, and updated the icons for the document viewer download links.

Got questions or feedback? We are listening! Email us or call (310) 656-3100 to speak with your account manager.

Yours sincerely,

Lyman Benton
Technical Support Manager

ph 310.656.3100 | fax 310.656.3103