One of the district’s two Find-Me Print Queues stopped working earlier today and the technology department has been working with the company to fix it, but as of this evening we still have no ETA on when it will be restored. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the interim, staff members unsuccessful in printing released jobs via Find-Me should instead consider sending their print jobs to specific named printers in their school building.

To add one or more specific printers please follow the guidance shown here OR follow the directions below:

Press the Windows key and then select Devices and Printers
If you don’t see the {bldg-name} printer listed then click on Add a Printer
Wait a few seconds and click on "The Printer that I want isn’t listed"
Click on Select a shared printer by name
In the blank field type the following \\Print-{bldg-first4letters}\ (example \\Print-Huls\ for Hulsing and be sure to include the ending backslash)
Select desired Printer
Click Next, it will install the printer
Click Next again
Click on Set as the Default Printer if desired
Click Finish