The technology department has confirmed that an email notice (shown further below) about a data breach is legitimate. An unauthorized actor obtained certain account information from the SchoolDude user database, including our district’s user database.

For those with SchoolDude accounts, please note the following:

1) Your SchoolDude user account password has been reset. (What has been compromised is not the password “schooldude” that is used at the end to submit a ticket – instead it’s your actual login password.) You will therefore need to change your password in order to log into SchoolDude. To do so, please visit and click on “Forgot Password?” to send a password reset link to your email account. (see if you desire visual guidance)

2) If you are currently using your SchoolDude password for any other online account, change your password on those other accounts. Consider that password "burned" and never use it again.

Everyone, please note the following:

3) Always remember to use a strong and unique password for each online account you maintain. (Please see this helpful brief checklist on passwords

4) Remember with all email and text messages, you should be vigilant against potential phishing and other scams: if you see a suspicious message, don’t respond to the sender or click on any link it contains.