Target audience: All MISTAR Users

Date:  02/24/2020

MISTAR Notice: Issue with Reports in Google Chrome

This issue has been identified by Aequitas, the vendor for MISTAR Q:

The PDF generated by a Q report is not displayed in the pop-up window. The problem occurs for some users on some reports but may get worse over time until all reports are affected.
The issue is restricted to Chrome and primarily affects those with the most updated version (80.0.3987.1**). This issue only affects some users and can be replicated in the district’s version of Q (version 3.7.1). Aequitas notes this is a Google Chrome issue.
Workarounds include using Chrome Incognito or an alternate browser such as Firefox or Edge. The recommended solution is to delete the Chrome “User Data”  folder for the affected user, then restart Chrome. The location of the data folder may vary, but here’s an example:
Users > [user name] > AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data
Alternately, uninstalling Chrome with the option to remove browsing data checked will also work.
A screenshot of a cell phone  Description automatically generated
Here is another potential workaround  from a client: If the user is okay with just downloading the pdf instead of displaying it in a pop-up window, the Chrome browser settings can be adjusted to do this automatically.  In Chrome Settings, navigate to Privacy & Security -> Site Settings -> PDF Documents and turn on the slider next to “Download PDF Files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome”.