During the weekend of Friday, December 18th through Sunday, December 20th Illuminate Education (MISTAR DnA) will be moving into a new data center. The move will begin at 6:00pm Pacific on December 18th and we will be working hard to make it as fast and painless as possible.

How will the move impact users?

During the move, Illuminate Education System (DNA/ISI/ISE), Online Testing, and Home Connection (Student/Parent Portal), will not be accessible. We understand that any system downtime can severely impact your work and we're working as hard as we can to limit the time of the outage.

How will users be notified?

A notification will be posted on the log-in page to alert users about the scheduled downtime. During the move, users attempting to access the system will be redirected to http://status.illuminateed.com where updates will be posted. We recommend that districts notify users ahead of time using internal communication processes.

What else will be impacted?

As part of the move, our IP addresses are changing. If you currently have firewall rules in place specifically for Illuminate Education services, those will need to be updated to the new IP address range. Please note that if the new IP addresses are not whitelisted before the migration, you may encounter connection problems.

If you have questions, please contact help@illuminateed.com (949) 242-0343 or your Implementation Manager.

Thank you,

The Illuminate Education Team