Update Wednesday, 10/7, 2:17 PM – limited service restored for now

Buildings affected: PCEP, Middle Schools (except Liberty), Gallimore, Curriculum Center / Transportation / Maintenance, E.J. McClendon

Time: about 12:35 to 1:05 PM

According to Wayne RESA, PCCS was the target of a Denial of Service attack that completely blocked our Internet connectivity. Given the specific target, Wayne RESA suggests it was probably done intentionally by a student.

For now, the guest wireless network will remain down until we can implement some short term technical changes. We may implement further changes over the coming days depending on what we see moving forward.

Wednesday, 10/7, 12:49 PM

Internet connectivity for the Park and the middle schools (except Liberty) are being affected by a severe slowdown. We are working with Wayne RESA to identify and resolve the issue.

Director of Integrated Technology Systems
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools