New Incident Status: Resolved
Our engineers have identified the core issue and has resolved it. All users are once again able to access all areas of Illuminate. A full write-up on this incident will be posted shortly.
Apr 13, 17:09 PDT

Illuminate DnA has confirmed that their sites are experiencing a partial outage.

from their status page —

An Incident Update Has Been Posted
After further investigation, it appears that the issues our users are experiencing could be related to issues with our 3rd party networking and ISP partners. We are currently engaging their support teams in order to determine the root cause of the outage.

Until this outage is resolved, users will continue to experience sporadic connectivity issues with Illuminate and Illuminate HC. Due to the nature of the underlying issue, users may also experience issues with modules and functionality.

Apr 13, 08:57 PDT

Update – We apologize for the ongoing outage. Many users are still reporting sporadic issues with logging in Illuminate and Illuminate Home Connection.
Apr 13, 06:18 PDT

Identified – Some districts are reporting intermittent issues when trying to access Illuminate. We have confirmed that an issue exists and our engineers are working towards a solution.
Apr 13, 05:02 PDT

Our department contacted their help desk and learned that typical outages, while rare, are usually resolved within two hours.