UPDATE: At 3:30 pm EST Google shared via email that they have identified the root cause of the connectivity problem and have pushed a fix that they believe will resolve this issue for affected customers. 
Please note that in order to receive this fix, the student/staffer will have to manually connect their affected device to a network. Our department therefore counsels for those that cannot initially log in to the PCCSK12-Devices network to please connect and log in instead to the PCCSK12-Guest network. During the first minute of their successful log in the relevant policy setting will be updated and they can switch over to connect to the PCCSK12-Devices network. 

Widespread reports have come in this afternoon both within the district and across the state that Chromebooks are either unable to connect to wireless networks or are dropping their connections.
** Google has confirmed that this is a Global issue and that they have engineering working on a solution. They could not provide a time frame for a fix.