To increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness. Enhancement in the classroom should offer “practical ways to enable students to engage in higher order thinking skills and access deeper learning opportunities than traditional tools typically can.” (Kolb, 2017) For example, Authentic Enhancement:

  • is a value added to learning experiences
  • should help to elicit higher-order thinking skills
  • Should help to differentiate learning
  • Should help to personalize learning
  • Should provide supports that traditional tools cannot easily provide (Kolb, 2017)

Tech Connection to Classroom: “A social studies and mathematics teacher has students working in pairs to use a website that is tracking the live primary election results. The students are posting their predictions into a Google Sheets collaborative spreadsheet to share that they think will happen in the next hours of voting based on the real-time voting results. The students then set up the spreadsheet equation editor to calculate how far off the their predictions were as the live results come in.” (Kolb, 2017)