Ebooks stand for electronic books. These books are available in digital form from vendors such as Amazon, iBooks, or Google Books.

Tech Connection to Classroom: Using eBooks in the classroom can provide multiple tiers of support for all students, including text to speech, font size adjustability, and even reading progress monitoring.


E-Learning: A web-based learning environment that allows instructors and students to interact through the computer without worrying about time or place; capitalizes on the current “anytime, anywhere” notion of learning.

Tech Connection to Classroom: Making sure your students can access classroom content on an easy to use platform like Google Classroom or Moodle will go a long way to keep students connected to learning beyond the school day, in case of absences, or homebound situations. It also makes it easier to approach your classroom with a blended learning model and gives you a digital hub for your classroom that makes classroom management easier too!