Ann Arbor, MI

What is the usual reason a classroom teacher/media specialist needs to email or call you?

A classroom teacher/media specialist would reach out to me if they had questions/concerns when it comes to using technology to help increase engagement and buy-in from students. Part of my teaching/coaching philosophy is to instill confidence and ensure that whomever I am working with feels supported. I’m also well versed with innovation in education, personalized learning, and project-based learning. PD and teaching technology is my jam, and love to impart knowledge at the curriculum center and especially in schools.

What do you like doing when you’re not working?

When I’m not working I like to spend my time outside and spending time with my wife and 3-year-old son. I’m also getting really into cooking, and more the food science around cooking- Good Eats with Alton Brown is my favorite show.

What is your favorite type of music?

I like a little bit of everything, but probably most drawn to rock and alternative.

What app or program could you not do without?

Wunderlist. I love that I can put in a task and it sync across all of my devices, sends emails and alerts and is FREE!

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

Iceman. I love being cold (winter is my favorite season). And I despise being hot. So to be able to cool myself down, or have a cold drink of water whenever/wherever would be amazing.