Can someone show me how to save all my files?

Files on current staff laptops will be securely erased after the laptops are returned to the technology department. If you are interested in saving any of the files that are on your current laptop, please follow the directions here. If you need assistance, please submit a tech ticket.

What if I don’t have a working power cord?

For the exchange to take place, we need the power adapter of the device you were issued to be returned, whether it is working or not. Please do alert department staff if the power adapter is not working.

What if I don’t have the laptop bag or I declined one in the beginning?

While nearly everyone was issued a bag, a few declined, usually because they preferred to use a bag they already had. Other staff have shared that their issued bag has since been lost or can’t be found. In all cases, we will still exchange the current laptop with a new laptop, even if a bag isn’t returned with the current laptop. However, as a department, we are hopeful that those that were issued laptop bags and still have them will locate and return them, in large measure because the bags represents a real expense the district incurred and if they are still viable, we’d like to continue to have them used (for example, while we will have on hand modest Amazon basic bags, we didn’t purchase enough for everyone, and expect that at least some of the bags that are returned are in good shape and can be issued out again with a new laptop).

If a teacher is not ready or absent on the day techs are scheduled to do the exchange at a building, will they be able to turn the device at a different time? Do they go to a different school? In effect, is there a “Make up” day or “make up” location?

The technology department respectfully requests everyone’s cooperation as the logistics of device issuance and exchange involving over 1200 staffers is a daunting undertaking. Staff should be ready to exchange their current equipment for a new laptop on the day their building is scheduled. If they are not ready or are absent on their scheduled day, they are not able to turn in their device at another location and there is no makeup day per se for any building.  During a limited time window, in April, after our department has completed scheduled issuance for all cohorts across the district, we will be in a position to circle back to those who, for various reasons, missed the exchange when it was initially scheduled for them. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation to minimize the time that needs to be spent on deployment.

Will district software be installed on the new laptops? I work at an elementary school, will Smart Notebook and Mirroring360 be installed on my new laptop?

While all laptops will have certain software pre-installed including browsers (eg Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and LibreOffice, where applicable, by building level (elementary, middle, high), other software, whether licensed by the district or simply relevant to that level, has been pre-installed. As an example, the elementary laptops are pre-installed with the latest versions of licensed Smart Notebook (v18), licensed Mirroring360, and the software for their model document camera (Hovercam).