No. This laptop, like most other new laptops released in the last two years, does not have a VGA port. If you are currently utilizing a second monitor with a VGA port, you might need to purchase an HDMI to VGA adapter. Although the district/department is not providing nor underwriting the purchase of HDMI to VGA adapters (excepting for a small number in support of the loaner monitors provided to each building) adapters selling for under $10 such as this one from Amazon can facilitate continued VGA usage if desired. [Likewise, there are also USB-C to VGA adapters that can be purchased such as this one from Amazon to facilitate continued VGA usage if desired (note, when using the USB-C port with an adapter just for display purposes, charging at the same time is not possible). If looking to use a VGA/HDMI monitor and also display to a projector or interactive flat panel this USB-C hub from Amazon has been confirmed to work, and as a bonus, it also allows for a pass through for power to the laptop ]