How will my students login to IXL?

  • K-2 Students: These students will login with Clever. At the beginning of the year you will be assigned QR codes for your students. The students will scan the QR code with their iPad(Directions Here), and this will log them into IXL.
  • 3-5 Students: Students will go to and click on the ‘Sign in with Google’ Button. It might prompt them to put in their password. (For help with password management and/or classroom strategies for passwords, please email Matt.

How will rostering work?

  • Similar to last year. IXL will initially be rostered with MISTAR. As students leave and additional students enter your class, we ask that you email Matt at, and we can assist you with adding new students.

How often is recommended for my students to be on IXL?

  • Both IXL and the district recommend that students be on IXL 20 minutes at a time, 3 times per week, for each subject. 60 minutes/week for math, and 60 minutes/week for ELA.
  • Need help/recommendations to help with management and to ensure students are getting recommended time? Please see Blended Learning Strategies in FAQ.

If I want to purchase an external DVD player to use with new laptop, what do you suggest (under $40)?


  • There are many external USB CD/DVD optical drives, and some will invariably come up for sale on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or around certain holidays. Ditto for standalone Blu-Ray and DVD players (we are not providing links for those). For those who have requested links to possible inexpensive drives for consideration, here are some, in no particular order (our department makes no claims on their usability, but their specs suggest they will work as expected):


  1. possible choice
  2. possible choice

Can someone show me how to save all my files?

Files on current staff laptops will be securely erased after the laptops are returned to the technology department. If you are interested in saving any of the files that are on your current laptop, we suggest that you follow one or both of the following two methods:

The following directions below (b) were sent out in an earlier email. If further help is needed please feel free to reach out to Rick or Matt, our technology integrationist specialists (

Save files to Google Drive

Windows Laptop


To Save files to a flash drive:

Step 1: Plug your flash drive into your laptop


Step 2:

Double-click on My Computer


Step 3:

You will see your flash drive on the left-hand side of the window

  • Simply drag and drop files into your flash drive

Some common files types that you may want to consider backing up include:

  • Documents
  • PDF’s (Might be in the Documents folder)
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Files in the Downloads folder
  • Files on the Desktop

Will the speech-language therapists, Interventionists and special ed teachers get a new laptop to replace their current Chromebooks?

That decision hasn’t been made as of yet, but will the week of November 26th.  The Teaching and Learning Dept will be providing input to the IT team regarding the technology needs of specific instructional staff, some of whom are also issued desktop computers (which have been or will soon be refreshed).  Please note, not all cohort roles will be issued the same type of device with some determined to be issued a repurposed (formerly issued) Windows laptops or a Chromebook, rather than a new one.

What if I don’t have a working power cord?

For the exchange to take place, we need the power adapter of the device you were issued to be returned, whether it is working or not. Please do alert department staff if the power adapter is not working.

What if I don’t have the laptop bag or I declined one in the beginning?

While nearly everyone was issued a bag, a few declined, usually because they preferred to use a bag they already had. Other staff have shared that their issued bag has since been lost or can’t be found. In all cases, we will still exchange the current laptop with a new laptop, even if a bag isn’t returned with the current laptop. However, as a department, we are hopeful that those that were issued laptop bags and still have them will locate and return them, in large measure because the bags represents a real expense the district incurred and if they are still viable, we’d like to continue to have them used (for example, while we will have on hand modest Amazon basic bags, we didn’t purchase enough for everyone, and expect that at least some of the bags that are returned are in good shape and can be issued out again with a new laptop).