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ABC - Magnetic Alphabet Lite for Kids

ABC aids in teaching alphabets/numbers, a learning tool that supports literacy. It’s the iPad edition of the old fashioned magnetic board.

ChatterPix Kids - by Duck Duck Moose

Chatterpix Kids can make anything talk –simply take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice.

Clever - Instant Login

The Clever app lets teachers and students access all of the learning applications they use throughout the school day with a single username and password or by QR Code.

Doodle Buddy for iPad

Finger paint with thousands of colors and drop in playful stamps.


Epic! provides free eBooks to elementary school teachers and school librarians, bringing access to unlimited children’s literature into every classroom. Epic! encourages young readers with badges and rewards, while letting teachers assign books and track individual reading progress.


Since Kiddle results are either handpicked and checked by our editors or filtered by Google safe search, you know you get kid-oriented results without any explicit content. In case some bad words are present in a search query, our guard robot will block the search.

Kids A-Z

Provide e-books to kids that support both comprehension questions and leveled reading appropriate for all levels. Also has text to speech to support struggling readers and ELL students.

Mirroring Assist

Use mirroing360 to mirror your teacher device or students can mirror their devices to smartboard wirelessly


The NWEA™ Secure Testing app provides students the ability to complete our K–12 assessments on an iPad®. The app supports MAP® Growth™, MAP Growth K-2 and NWEA state summative assessments.

Popplet Lite

Popplet is the simplest tool to capture and organize your ideas. With Popplet you can quick jot down your ideas and sort them visually.

QR Reader for iPad

Quickly scan QR codes for students to access specific content.

Read&Write for iPad

A powerful keyboard replacement that works in every app. Supporting reading, writing, comprehension and vocabulary development.

Seesaw: The Learning Journal

Seesaw is an iPad app through which students can create a portfolio to document the things they have learned.


Skitch is an app that allows you to snap a picture, use a PDF, bring up a map and more, and then annotate it. It is great for labeling activities with students. It can be used to label the parts of a plant, the solar system, create an annotated map, label the parts of a book and so much more.

SMART lab: Learning Activities

iPad and Chrome App that allows students to get interactive content in the form of gaming created by teachers in SMART Notebook.


Game-based literacy center activities. Word lists aligned to curriculum and standards. Automated testing and grading to track student progress. Generated student reports.